The Pacific Business Mentoring Programme provides a unique, volunteer mentoring service to help small and medium businesses succeed and grow.

Why Consider Business Mentoring?

A business mentor provides a fresh prospective and can help a business owner take a step back and see ‘the bigger picture’.
They can assist in identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth that may have been missed by managers too close to the business ... and the benefits don’t stop here!!

Our Mentors

Our mentors are proven successful business people from a diverse range of fields.  They know first-hand what it feels like to take risks, how to manage cash flow, what the point of a business plan is and how to take a business to the next level, amongst many, many, other things.

Business Mentors New Zealand

Visit the Business Mentors New Zealand website to find out how Business Mentors assist New Zealand businesses.

 Business Mentors New Zealand

Success Stories & Testimonials

Aluminium window and door manufacturing business

An aluminium roofing iron, window and door manufacturing business located on an idyllic Pacific Island applied for the assistance of a mentor. They were looking for ways to improve their financial management, business planning and human resource management....


A cafe/restaurant business situated in a pacific island which caters for tourism, applied for a mentor to assist in the development of a good financial system and to assist in improving the marketing of their business...